For the Enache family, „Home” meant an improvised cottage in Delta Văcărești, before this unique area received the official status of a Natural Park. 16 people (11 children) have spent their lives in the middle of Bucharest, but without any access to utilities, education or doctors.


While documenting a story for Casa Jurnalistului, trying to find out more about this natural park, two journalists met the Enache family and decided to make a documentary film that soon started a social project as well, supported by lots of volunteers and NGOs.


The Acasă/ My Home social project was inspired in the summer of 2016 by the children’s wish to read and write and one year later, not only were they in school, but also their transition to a new life in the city was easier and they were taken care of by doctors and specialists.


Although they now have a home of their own, the Enache family and especially the children, still need help for overcoming other difficulties and expenses.


Donate to: Asociația Sens Pozitiv

Address: Str. Rahmaninov nr. 46 48, Sector 2, București Bank account: RO12 RZBR 0000 0600 0863 4050 Raiffeisen BANK, Moșilor, mentioning Acasă/ MyHome